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Nozin Infection Prevention Programs

Nasal Decolonization IP Programs Clinically Proven to Reduce HAI and Increase Facility ROI.

With a Nozin advisor, you can utilize proprietary tools to help develop a customized implementation of clinically proven Nozin IP programs.

Let Us Help You Plan and Implement a Nozin Program.

This page outlines the benefits of Nozin programs and how Nozin advisors can work with you to implement these programs in your facility.  Each Nozin program is based on clinically proven Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® advanced antiseptic for nasal decolonization.

Your Nozin advisor will guide you through the following key steps to help achieve your infection prevention goals:

Risk Assessment Define, identify and assess risks in your IP program utilizing latest research.

Analysis Review scientific rationale and evaluate how a Nozin program can help address risks.

Customization Utilize Nozin CP Cost Calculator and ICU Audit Tool to optimize program benefits and estimate savings.

Internal Buy-In Develop an internal selling plan to help you in assuring a successful in-service.

Health Professionals:
Request Nozin® samples for your facility.

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