“Nozin, your new weapon ... We recommend Nozin. We like to think of it as a slightly saner option to building your kid a germ-free bubble suit...We have a winner."
Nick's Parentsconnect.com
“I like to think of Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® as kind of a love child between your Purell® and your Airborne®.”
Jeralyn Gerba as guest on Your Morning Show, Comcast Network
"I recommend Nozin to my patients and I personally use it before I start my work.
Dr. Richard Bailey, M.D. Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
"Put this little germ buster in your carry-on bag."
CBS TV News, Columbus Ohio
"Have used this product for a couple years and I swear by it!!! I know it works especially traveling in airplanes, and with the back-to-school ... Love it, do not want to be without it."
Susan P., Colorado
"A little gross, but effective."
New York Magazine
"Nozin is fantastic and really saved me while I traveled this past holiday season. THANK YOU!"
Virginia Fajardo, CA
"Been using for several years at the hospital where we work and also for traveling."
Neil J., RI
"You make sure your kids brush their teeth, so don’t let them go to school without Nozin."
Beatriz Hernandez, High School Dean
"Nozin is a lifesaver for the TV producers who always fly and live in germy NY where subway cars and office buildings have no fresh air."
Kim Noble, NYC
"Sniff out some Nozin Nasal Sanitizer...Your nose will thank you. "
Where Magazine
"We don't leave home without a swab...Great product!"
Debra Hicks, GA
"Love this stuff!!! It's so easy to use and lasts such a long time. Between NYC subways and yoga studio mats, I'm sure Nozin has warded off many a germ!"
Hillary Beveridge, NYC
"My daughter's friend told us about your site, as we worry about germs on airline flights. We've been using your product during travel for a year!"
Michele Winsor , TX
"I used Nozin before on a whirlwind tour through Europe. Thanks for the great product."
Toni Casemento , CA
"Read about Nozin in Parents Magazine. We love it, especially the citrus scent!"
Sujata D , TX
"Great stuff. I've been using it for 2 years. It really works."
"Wonderful product-I use it every time I go to work and I tell my kids to use it before going to school. Excellent. Has saved me. Thank you.” "
Arlene F., CA
"We travel a lot and I give this away to co-workers when they travel as well."
Colleen D., CA
"Since using Nozin before school my daughter gets less infections, touchwood. Nozin is great!"

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