Reduce contact precautions responsibly.

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Reduce CP responsibly.

Learn about evaluating your current MRSA Active Surveillance and compare with Universal ICU Patient Decolonization programs that can help:

  • Safely reduce contact precautions for MRSA colonization
  • Reduce risk of Staph aureus carriage for each patient
  • Lower pathogenic burden in facility

Universal ICU patient decolonization benefits include:

  • Better patient care and satisfaction
  • Staff can be more responsive with less isolation fatigue
  • Improve patient flow and lower facility costs
  • No antibiotic use, which supports antibiotic stewardship, and no iodine

Nozin Programs utilize universal approaches to patient nasal and body decolonization. Nasal decolonization is with Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic, clinically proven to decolonize nasal Staph aureus day one. No iodine or antibiotics. Nasal carriage of Staph aureus is a primary risk factor for HAI.

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