MRSA Contact Precautions

Why Replace MRSA Contact Precautions (CP)?

Patients in MRSA Contact Precautions: Receive less care, Have worse outcomes, Generate higher facility expenses and Report lower satisfaction scores.

Evidence supports replacing MRSA screen and isolate programs with a Universal Patient Decolonization Program.


Costly and time consuming CP can lead to adverse patient outcomes. Research backs the move away from CP isolation for asymptomatic patients with MRSA colonization or history and the move towards universal patient nasal and skin decolonization to help lower infections and reduce costs.

IP Managers, ICU Managers and DoNs are working with Nozin to help safely replace MRSA screen and isolate protocols with simple, economical, daily universal decolonization.

Ask your Nozin advisor to help you develop a comprehensive summary of the current costs and impact of MRSA CP protocols. Learn about the remarkable patient care improvements and cost savings you could make with a customized Nozin® Universal ICU Decolonization Program.

ICUs are adopting Nozin protocols to:

  • Realize benefits of universal decolonization
  • Safely replace MRSA CP isolation
  • Lower infections, reduce costs
  • Enhance quality of patient care
  • Support antibiotic stewardship

CP Replacement Analysis

Get a Custom Analysis of CP Replacement Options

Receive your ICU Audit Tool report to review: Patient care improvements, Savings estimate, Number of BSIs that may be avoided, Estimate of treatment costs avoided.

An important step.

  1. Your Nozin advisor will help you identify the main risks ICU and CP patients experience.
  2. The ICU Audit Tool and CP Cost Calculator
    • Helps analyze the costs and impact of your current  ICU and CP Protocols
    •  Shows potential results for implementing the Nozin® Universal ICU Patient Decolonization Program in your facility. Including:
      • Substantial patient care improvements
      • Savings estimate for reducing CP
      • The potential number of BSIs and treatment costs that could be avoided.

The ICU Audit Tool report will show evidence based insight to help improve patient care and throughput, reduce costs and lower infection risk.

Representative example for a 30 bed ICU3

  • Eliminate 1,296 patient days in isolation per year
  • Eliminate $275,000/yr in out of pocket costs
  • Save over 1,257 hrs/yr nursing time
  • Potentially avoid 23 BSIs/yr and $412,000 in treatment costs

*Cost of BSI infections is based on the average number of BSI infections that could potentially be avoided per year using universal decolonization.3 Disclaimer: Savings estimates are for example only and any actual savings may vary based on a number of factors. Prices and rates are subject to change without prior notice. This information should not be relied upon as a guarantee of results.

Get started today.

Request your Nozin samples and ask a Nozin advisor for a FREE cost savings analysis for your facility.7


Health Professionals:
Request a comprehensive analysis of your colonization risk mitigation protocols today.

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