Address Risk of Nasal Carriage from those Around Patient.

Every Nozin program can include a component to extend 360 protection with nasal decolonization of those in contact with patients, including caregivers, facility staff and visitors.


Nozin 360 nasal decolonization when added to an existing IP bundle reduced infections by an additional 81%.1

Patients are not the only carriers of nasal pathogens. The risk of transmission can also come from medical staff, caregivers and visitors. It is this carriage which can pose a direct risk to the patient and contributes to the environmental bacterial burden around the patients. Nozin 360 Infection Prevention Programs provide for patient nasal decolonization pre-op, post op and for universal ICU decolonization as well as use by staff and caregivers for extra protection. This has been shown to reduce infections significantly.1


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